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The leading brand for women's surf clothing, accessories and surf equipment for active girls and women. Launched in 1991 with a range of swimwear, the Roxy brand had a successful first year and moved into denim, sports wear and snow wear in 1992.

In 1993 the Roxy heart logo was born, taking inspiration from the Quiksilver logo, but with a definite girly touch as it is in the shape of a heart- reflecting the soulful, spiritual heart of the brand. In the same year Roxy launched the first boardshorts specifically designed for women. For years active girls had been making do with men’s shorts but Roxy changed this with their women’s range, launched in 1993.

In 1994 Roxy swimwear was re-launched and the same year saw the launch of the Roxy Boardrider’s Team, with sponsorship of 1994 Surfing World Title champion Lisa Andersen. From this year the Roxy brand went from strength to strength with the addition of accessories and eyewear in 1995 and the first annual Quiksilver/Roxy Women’s Pro surfing event took place at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Hawaii. In 1995 Roxy also began its sponsorship of the final leg in the association of surfing professionals World Championship Tour.

The years have seen Roxy expand its range to cover fragrance, surf wax, jewellery, bags, backpacks and luggage. In addition to this, Roxy has maintained its strong links to both professional and amateur surfing events through sponsorship, organisation of events and even holding Roxy surf camps.

Roxy team and events

Since Roxy’s 1994 sponsorship of Lisa Andersen, the brand has always looked to find the brightest talents in women’s surfing to bring into the Roxy fold. Current surfers sponsored by Roxy include: Sofia Mulanovich (Peru, 2004 WCT champion); Megan Abubo (USA); Chelsea Georgeseon (Australia); Veronica Kay (USA); Kuala Berbieto (Hawaii) and British girls Holly Donnelly, Candice O’Donnell and Sophie Hellyer.

2007 Roxy events include:
Jan 22-28 Roxy pro Women’s Surfing Festival, Victoria, Autralia
Feb 27- Mar 11 Roxy Pro, Gold Coast, Australia
Nov 23-Dec 6 Roxy Pro, Sunset beach, Hawaii
Roxy Jam: Surf, Art, Music
July 10-16, Cote des Basques, Biarritz, France

Roxy Swimwear & Surfwear

Roxy is a brand that sums up the ethos of women’s surfing: free spirits travelling the world in search of the prefect wave. As the first brand to make boardshorts and rash vests for women, Roxy is a true pioneer in the women’s surf scene and continually invests in the future of surfing by sponsoring up and coming girl’s all over the world. Roxy clothing, especially the Roxy swimsuit, is feminine, fun and edgy- the ideal wardrobe for surf girls everywhere.