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is the brainchild of two surfing brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre who had the idea of creating a high quality active lifestyle sandal in 1984. The brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit has driven Reef sandals to the top- they are the number one sandal brand for surfing worldwide. Over the past 20 years the company has expanded to make a range of men’s closed toe footwear, clothing and surfing equipment as well as kid’s and women’s sandals. The Reef brand is iconic amongst surfers, with the mysterious and alluring figure of Miss Reef featuring in their advertisements and promotional material.

Team & Events

Reef currently sponsors 44 surfers worldwide, including big names such as Bobby Martinez, Tonio Benson (2007 NSSA National Champion) and Sofia Mulanovich (WCT Champion).

Reef sponsored events in the WCT calendar include:


Apr 10-15: Reef Vendee Pro, Bretignolles, France
Oct 27-Nov 10: Reef Classic, Barbados
13-15 July: 3rd Annual Reef/Sweetwater Pro Am Surf Fest, California


Reef is a highly successful brand, that has remains a core surf brand at heart. Fernando and Santiago Aguerre’s passion for surfing and the lifestyle that it permits is the driving force behind the brand’s success.