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Boardshorts or boardies are the summer essential for surfers and those who want a slice of surfing style. More recently boardshorts have been adopted as the unofficial uniform for urban sports like skateboarding, but they will always retain their surfing heritage and are an essential item for every surfer’s wardrobe. Boardshorts can come in many styles, however the original design is for unlined, long shorts that finish below the knee and are fastened with Velcro, laces and eyelets with reinforced stitching to cut down on splitting seams during surfing. Many boardshorts also include a small Velcro pocket to keep essentials handy when hanging out on the beach and in some cases a wax comb.

The design of boardshorts has been subject to some innovation in recent years, as some surfers found that the stitching in the in-seam area rubs against the wearer’s skin- innovative new designs of boardshorts now do away with the stitched in-seam replacing it with glue or welding, or in some cases the design is completely seam-free. Most boardshorts are made of nylon or polyester, which feel good against the skin and are durable fabrics for physical activities like surfing.

Surfari has an extensive range of boardshorts from Animal, Billabong and Quiksilver on offer, from basic styles with elasticated waists and plain designs for swimming, to top of the range surfer style boardies with wax combs and loud patterned side panels. Surfari also stocks the Andy Irons Rising Sun design boardshorts from Billabong. There are loads of styles to choose from, so check out the range above to see which Animal, Billabong or Quiksilver boardshorts are your favourite.